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What our Guild can provide to our members.

Level up

We can help you with a lot of ways to get your level up fast , as long as you are active!

Valuable Tips and Tricks

We can discuss with you our Tips & Tricks for the game, giving you advices for farm and gear up!.

PVP support

In order to accomplise your fun with Pvp we can assist with all our power!.


Some of our photos ingame!

Lineage II

Raidfight I

Lineage II

Official G.O.D

Lineage II

Raidfight II


Leo and Mini


Family photo


Line up!


Timeline about TDS history.

  • 2008-2012

    TDS creation

    Leo created clan TDS in LineageII private server Raidfight.Raises the clan,lead it to the top,lose it,and reclaim it back!

  • 2013

    Official Attempt

    After playing basic Role in the rule of many private L2 servers, clan decided to tryout the big deal, Goddess of Destruction official server.Clan almost took Oren castle in the first sieges!

  • November 2014-2015

    TDS reborn!

    Clan Reborn again and after many years , old members united to rule RaidfightII once again! TDS clan played very competitive versus proffesional clans and earned a place in the table!

  • January 2016


    Clan changed game and became a guild! Archeage is the game we played.A more perfect and funny game than the past's games! Join us!

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